Today Nathan continues on the topic of Embracing Intimacy With God.  Two words:  Be Still.

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Today Tara Gentry continues on the topic Embracing Intimacy With God.  We are always trying to cover ourselves up before God but He sees us naked as we really are.

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Today guest speaker Danny Carroll continues on the subject of Intimacy With God.  What is your position with God?  Are you a slave or a son?  Your position will determine your relationship.

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Today we continue on with the 4 series.  In today's episode, Nathan continues on talking about true intimacy with God.  He is wanting to spend time with us like a little girl wants to have a tea party with her daddy, but are we preoccupied with other things to give God the time he wants?

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Today we start a new series titled 4.  Here in this first episode, Nathan discusses what embracing intimacy with God might look like in a real and practical approach.

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The greatest commandment is to love God with everything and love your neighbor as yourself, but what does that look like.  Listen and you might just find out...

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The seed is good, the conditions there something wrong with the soil

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Waiting for your theology to catch up with your passion?  Don't wait too long...

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From chubby angels to an angry God, maybe we need to rethink this whole thing...

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Being a disciple of Jesus will require some effort and leaving the crowd behind.  It's a journey that you will not want to take alone.  Who are you going on the journey with?

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