Today Dr. Mike Elmore shares on vision and change.  Does the vision compel change?  It should.

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Many churches have tried, many churches have failed.  How is the Great Commission fulfilled?  Join Dr Mike Elmore in this breakdown of the vision of City Community Church...and how we might pull it off with some URLS.

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Today Tara shares on the topic of Change.  It's never easy to move forward and change things that are holding you back, but the rewards for fighing through the challenge are worth the effort.

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Today Nathan touches back on embracing intimacy with God.  Who or what are you embracing intimacy with?  Are you trading enduring intimacy for cheap thrills that won't last?

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Today special guest Tara Gentry shares on Mother's Day.  Tara shares several of her personal stories about how I AM is everything you need and the rest is just bonus.

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Today Nathan continues on the subject of Restoring The Story.  When life gets hard, the natural tendancy is to try and escape the challenge.  What happens when we fight through the challenge and come out the other side?

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Today Nathan contines on the topic of Restoring The Story.  We have spent our whole life planning and dreaming of what the future looks like.  What happens if the life we dreamed of is shattered?  Will that end our story or will we write the next chapter?

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Today Nathan continues on the topic of Restoring The Story.  We make decisions every single day that will write the story that is told to the next generation.  Is this story that we are writing something we want shared?

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Today Nathan continues on 4 Series with topic #2 - Encountering Community Through Story (Restore The Story).  It can be difficult for people to share in the story of others without judging the story.  Eli the priest jumped to conclusions.  Do you?  It might hinder the next chapters to come.

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Jesus didn't conquered death, hell and the grave...all so we could say, "eehh."  Maybe there's a different response...

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