What keeps you from passionately moving into your giftings?  Have you settled for a GOOD work when a GREAT work is possible? An atlas, an orphan and an Old Testament story may be the motivation you need to move.

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Today Dr. Mike Elmore brings definition through illustration to questions about who we are, what/who are the church, and what is CityCom.

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Today Nathan opens up a short series called Thanksgifting.  Our Father abundantly gives us gifts to use for His purpose but how do we discover what those gifts are and how to use them best?

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Today Nathan asks the question, are you moving closer to The One for farther away.

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Today Dr. Mike Elmore shares on the area of discipleship.  Are we doing discipleship the way it was intended or are we just going about it the way we have always seen it done?

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Today Jake Nelson wraps up the Civil Wars series with "Same Old, Same Old".  Based on the theme of the Civil Wars' song of the same name, he poses questions about how marriage can reflect our redemption through Christ.

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Today we continue the Civil Wars series with special guest Tara Gentry.  Tara shares today on how sometimes the church is the source of a number of civil wars.  Listen and find out why.

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Nathan continues on the Civil War series today.  What are you following after and what are you falling for?

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Today Nathan continues the Civil Wars series.  Are there times you wish you could go back in time and change mistakes that have been made?  Unfortunately you can't do that.  All you can do is move forward.

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Today Nathan sets up the new series called Civil Wars.  What internal struggles cause the beginning of most civil wars?  Find out today...

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