His love lives when love gives.

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Today Trisha LaGrange shares on joy. True joy is a choice.

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Today Jake explores hope as todays topic of the Advent Series.  Hope is the confidence we can have in Christ rather than just a wishful thinking.

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Advent is a time of expectation and waiting.  What happens when you have to wait for something longer than you thought you would?  What's it like to be peaceful in the waiting?

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What's the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving?  Is it just a turkey or is God the focus of your thankfulness?

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Reframng your perspective can greatly impact your ability to give freely.

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When the culture around you starts to squeeze your circumstances, instead of redesigning your whole life to accomodate it, fix your focus on God and what He wants for your life.

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Today we continue the Living Between The Lines Series.  Live freely, animated and motivated by God's Spirit.  Then you won't feed the compulsions of selfishness.

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We take a break today from the series "Living Between The Lines".  Today Nathan talks about the importance of place and how much it impacts the future of CityCom.

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In a world of "thinking outside the box" and "drawing outside the lines", are we mixing the holy and unholy, and is it fitting right in?

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