With the new year beginning, are you focusing on beginning something new or are you looking at the end goal?  Where you look will determine where you end up.  Who is standing at the end of your aisle?

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A love struck Daddy spends all He has on the most incredible gift.  Join City Com for this Christmas message of 2012!

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Today Nathan talks about Re:Imagining Christmas.  So many times we get wrapped up in what we can conceive that we forget to allow God to do the inconceivable.  Today also includes music by Brian Blume.

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Today guest speaker Danny Carroll shares on the position of the church body.  Are we called to be some lifeless place where nothing happens or is there something more?  Listen and you'll find out...

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Today Nathan shares on the topic of Time.  We are not guaranteed to be here tomorrow so what are you doing with your time?

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This episode moves beyond simply caring for orphans and into a lifestyle of justice. 

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This idea of "secular vs sacred" has confused too many for too long.  Especially when it comes to careers.  In this episode of RE:IMAGINING, Nathan takes a look at why your work matters...right where you are.

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What do snot-filled brides, a Burger King Jesus and eye spitting have in common?  Join Nathan with RE:IMAGINING at City Community Church and you might just find out...maybe...

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Scribbles - The Big "O" - Obstacles

Obstacles are inevitable.  Are we doing a "great work?"  If so, we can count on needing great courage....plus a little somthing else.  Join Nathan as we conclude the Scribbles series...maybe.

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Today Nathan starts a new series called ReImagine.  In this series we will be looking at what has been the status quo and what we can do to reimagine and create a new environment for our community.

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