Today Danny Carroll continues on the topic of the One Thing.  Check it out to find out what One Thing he is talking about...

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Today special guest Danny Carroll talks about the One Thing.  Are you doing the One Thing?  Do you even know what the One Thing is?  Listen and you might just find out the answer to both questions.

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Happy Fathers Day!!  Don't be afraid to go into the deep water.

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Today Dr. Mike Elmore shares on vision and change.  Does the vision compel change?  It should.

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Many churches have tried, many churches have failed.  How is the Great Commission fulfilled?  Join Dr Mike Elmore in this breakdown of the vision of City Community Church...and how we might pull it off with some URLS.

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Today Tara shares on the topic of Change.  It's never easy to move forward and change things that are holding you back, but the rewards for fighing through the challenge are worth the effort.

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