This idea of "secular vs sacred" has confused too many for too long.  Especially when it comes to careers.  In this episode of RE:IMAGINING, Nathan takes a look at why your work matters...right where you are.

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In this episode, Nathan continues the series entitled "RE:Imagining" by reimagining the story of Jonah.  Here's a hint:  it's not about the fish...

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What do snot-filled brides, a Burger King Jesus and eye spitting have in common?  Join Nathan with RE:IMAGINING at City Community Church and you might just find out...maybe...

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Scribbles - The Big "O" - Obstacles

Obstacles are inevitable.  Are we doing a "great work?"  If so, we can count on needing great a little somthing else.  Join Nathan as we conclude the Scribbles series...maybe.

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Today Nathan starts a new series called ReImagine.  In this series we will be looking at what has been the status quo and what we can do to reimagine and create a new environment for our community.

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