His love lives when love gives.

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Today Trisha LaGrange shares on joy. True joy is a choice.

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Today Jake explores hope as todays topic of the Advent Series.  Hope is the confidence we can have in Christ rather than just a wishful thinking.

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Advent is a time of expectation and waiting.  What happens when you have to wait for something longer than you thought you would?  What's it like to be peaceful in the waiting?

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What's the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving?  Is it just a turkey or is God the focus of your thankfulness?

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Reframng your perspective can greatly impact your ability to give freely.

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When the culture around you starts to squeeze your circumstances, instead of redesigning your whole life to accomodate it, fix your focus on God and what He wants for your life.

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Today we continue the Living Between The Lines Series.  Live freely, animated and motivated by God's Spirit.  Then you won't feed the compulsions of selfishness.

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We take a break today from the series "Living Between The Lines".  Today Nathan talks about the importance of place and how much it impacts the future of CityCom.

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In a world of "thinking outside the box" and "drawing outside the lines", are we mixing the holy and unholy, and is it fitting right in?

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What areas of our lives are we living in gray areas and thinking that we're not doing that bad?  Over the next few weeks we will look at what it means to Live Between The Lines.

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Today Nathan uses the picture of a child to describe how we need to approach God.

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The service this morning is going to be different than what you're used to.

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Real transformation begins with rebirth.  If your life honors the name of Jesus, He will honor you.

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Learning to live a life in Christ can be similar to learning to live in a new culture - today Lyndon makes this analogy with his life experience.

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Lost keys, lost people and the lost art of living in our neighborhoods. Found out how listening to God can't be something you just do in isolation.

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Ever been stuck on an Italian mountain in a French van with a dead battery?  Well we have!  You're gonna need a manual...

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Today Nathan relates reading the Bible to listening to music.  Do you study the artist as a whole or just pick the parts you like best?

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Today Nathan talks about living generously.

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Today Nathan talks about "Happy Hat". We need a community that we can be real with to move forward together.

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It takes more than bread to stay alive.  It takes a steady stream of words from God's mouth.

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To determine where we are to go, we must first understand where we are...

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Today Nathan shares on how it takes great faith and then putting action to that faith to achieve great things.

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Today Jake continues the current series looking at things that Jesus said that don't always make sense.

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Today Tara Gentry shares and asks the question:  Why are you here?

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Today Lyndon shares on the truth that Jesus is the only way. Many people want to say that there are many ways to get to heaven, but Jesus says there is only one way.

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Today Danny Carroll talks on greatness.  No matter what we believe about ourselves, God says we are created to do great things.

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This week Tara focuses on the topic of forgiveness.  What we need to do is continually forgive people because it's very difficult to just forget.

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Today Jake continues the series by looking at the attitude that we approach life with.  Gratitude, compassion, sympathy, physical touch, and community are key to living a happy life.

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Jake kicks off a short series that brings definition to some values that we always can use a refresher on.  Today we look at valuing others as greater than ourselves.

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Today Dr. Elmore shares that it is our responsibility as believers to become a better reflection of what a real life in Christ look like.

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Today we continue the EPIC series with Tara Gentry sharing today.  You'll have to listen to find out more...

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Today on Easter Sunday, Nathan talks about believing.  Do you have to see to believe or do you let faith take over?

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In the last week for Listen.Lean.Live, Nathan encourages us to think about how we are worshipping outside the one hour expression.

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Today Nathan wraps up the Listen.Lean.Live series by looking at how many people are raised with the attitude that we are the center of the universe and how this attitude can drastically affect our relationships with others.

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Today Nathan continues the Listen.Lean.Live series by looking at the Good Samaritan.  This story illustrates how we should live our daily lives generously giving to others.

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This week Nathan pulls together the Listen.Lean.Live series by focusing on Living.  We can listen and lean all we want but until we begin living, we remain incomplete.

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What are you doing with your life? Are you just trying to make it through or are you actually going after what God has planned for you.

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Today we continue with the Listen.Lean.Live series by looking at the way true Kingdom Community looks like.  Listen for cues on how we can lean into each other rather than always trying to do things on our own.

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Many people struggle with leaning into others and trusting them to help them grow together. This week provides an opportunity to take the first step in establishing those relationships with others in the community.

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Nathan continues the Listen.Lean.Live. series today.  God speaks loudest in the quiet.  Do you have space in your life to hear it?

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Listen.Lean.Live continues this week as we start to dive into the Listen aspect of our series.  How good are you at listening to the voice of God?

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We are starting the new year talking about Listen.Lean.Live.  Most problems that people have to work through fall into a lacking in one of these three areas.  We will explore them over the next 6-8 weeks.

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