In this episode, Nathan is joined by Craig Bouchier and Jay Kirkpatrick, who give us a picture of what it's like to love accurately and live "normally" as a follower of Christ. 

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In this episode, Nathan continues the series entitled "RE: Imagining" by talking about the beauty and benefit of spending time alone with God and just "being" together.  

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In this episode, Nathan continues the series entitled "RE:Imagining" with a look at the good news of Jesus Christ and how it can tranform each of us.  Here's a tip:  "Repentance without belief is NOT good news".  

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In this episode, Nathan continues the series entitled "RE:Imagining" by reimagining the story of Jonah.  Here's a hint:  it's not about the fish...

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Over the next two weeks Nathan will be sharing on the two Big "O"s.  In the first week he covers the Big O of Opinions.  You need to be careful when both giving and receiving advice that what you are sharing is truth and not opinions.

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In this episode Nathan shares that we are not the center of the picture, God is, but we do fit in the frame.

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In this episode, Tara Gentry continues the Scribbles series with a look into her summer.  What does it look like to be faithful in the longevity of suffering?

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SCRIBBLES - If You Only Remember One Thing

In this episode, Erik delivers his last message as an "official" CityCom staff pastor. If you only remember one thing he ever said to you, he wants it to be this.

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In this episode, Nathan continues the SCRIBBLES series with a message on worship.  "WHO and WHAT we worship can change things for the GOOD or the BAD".

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In this episode, Nathan shares some of his deepest fears and reminds us where our foundation must be laid when change and transition inevitibly come.

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