Today Nathan looks at rest and work and how these two relate to living life in the Kingdom.

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Today Nathan talks about perspectives and how it's not just enough to get a different perspective without doing anything.  If you truly want change in your life, you need to take that new perspective and then act on it.

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Easter 2018 with the City Community family

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Today Nathan talks about pain and suffering and how it's something we all will have to go through.  The suffering we experience is what will bring resurrection into our lives.

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Today Nathan talks about the power of words and how they are one of the most under valued currencies we possess. Words can be used to build up or tear down all depending on how we use them.

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The Advent season is all about preparing for the birth of Jesus.  In this Advent season we should remember to be preparing to celebrate His birth but also for His return as well.

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Today Nathan uses surfing as an analogy to relationships. There's more to surfing than just riding a wave just like there is more to relationships than just knowing about people.

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Today Nathan touches on Listen and Lean but spends most of the time talking about what it might look like to Live in our communities and neighborhoods.

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Today Nathan talks about the foundation that parents are providing for their children.

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If we as Christians have the Spirit of God living inside us, then shouldn't we be leading the way when it comes to pioneering and innovative thinking?

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