Today Nathan looks at rest and work and how these two relate to living life in the Kingdom.

Direct download: 2018-07-22.mp3
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Today Nathan talks about perspectives and how it's not just enough to get a different perspective without doing anything.  If you truly want change in your life, you need to take that new perspective and then act on it.

Direct download: 2018-06-24.mp3
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Easter 2018 with the City Community family

Direct download: 2018-04-01.mp3
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Today Nathan talks about pain and suffering and how it's something we all will have to go through.  The suffering we experience is what will bring resurrection into our lives.

Direct download: 2018-02-25.mp3
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Today Nathan talks about the power of words and how they are one of the most under valued currencies we possess. Words can be used to build up or tear down all depending on how we use them.

Direct download: 2018-01-28.mp3
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The Advent season is all about preparing for the birth of Jesus.  In this Advent season we should remember to be preparing to celebrate His birth but also for His return as well.

Direct download: 2017-11-26.mp3
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Today Nathan uses surfing as an analogy to relationships. There's more to surfing than just riding a wave just like there is more to relationships than just knowing about people.

Direct download: 2017-10-29.mp3
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Today Nathan touches on Listen and Lean but spends most of the time talking about what it might look like to Live in our communities and neighborhoods.

Direct download: 2017-09-24.mp3
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Today Nathan talks about the foundation that parents are providing for their children.

Direct download: 2017-08-27.mp3
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If we as Christians have the Spirit of God living inside us, then shouldn't we be leading the way when it comes to pioneering and innovative thinking?

Direct download: 2017-06-25.mp3
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Today Nathan starts the new series for the summer called "Summer In The Psalms" by looking at David and his anointing by Samuel.

Direct download: 2017-05-21.mp3
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Today is Resurrection Day...better known as Easter.

Direct download: 2017-04-16.mp3
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When it comes to "church" are we more concerned with the form or the function?

Direct download: 2017-02-26.mp3
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With everything going on in our world right now is it enough to simply protest and complain about how others are being treated or are we called to do something more?

Direct download: 2017-01-29.mp3
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Has life ever disappointed you? Maybe even God Himself? In this message, Nathan explores the healing of the 10 lepers and how entitlement and false expectations might be getting in the way of gratitude.



Direct download: 2016-10-20.mp3
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In a world of busyness, chronic anxiety and insta-everything, how can we stay peculiar? In our first weekend expression in Lockerbie Church, Nathan explores remembering to be rooted in rest.

Direct download: 2016-10-23-final.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:04pm EDT

In our monthly GATHER, Nathan pulls out some ugly things hiding in his own tent that might be detrimental to his family and the whole city of Indianapolis. Are the selfish ambitions we thought were safely hidden away actually exposing our lives to God's anger?  And if we repent, would that bring God's blessing on all? The journey into the Terra Incognita continues through the book of Joshua.

Direct download: 2016-07-28.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:25pm EDT

The desert is never pretty...but the way out is through. In our monthly GATHER, Nathan shares from Matthew 4 and talks about how we go through desert times in our life.  It's through these desert times that we are pushed to grow the most and rely on God all the more. 

Direct download: 2016-07-31.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:09pm EDT

Today Nathan asks the question about where are you in your relationship with God?  Are you content to sit on the shore or are you out in the boat with Him.

Direct download: 2016-05-22.mp3
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There are hinge points in your life where major decisions are made.

Direct download: 2016-03-27.mp3
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Many times we only notice Jesus from the outside. He desires that we go deeper and know Him so closely that we share everything with Him.

Direct download: 2016-03-20.mp3
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Many times we worship the scaffolding and structure that has been erected by man and ignore what lies underneath. What would it look like if we simply remove the scaffolding and gather together around the person of Jesus Christ?

Direct download: 2016-03-13.mp3
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Time & Space

Direct download: 2016-03-06.mp3
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Going deeper with Jesus is dangerous because we will put everything on the line for Him.

Direct download: 2016-02-28.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:08pm EDT

In order to grow into mature followers of Christ we cannot continually choose the path of least resistance. Growth happens when we endure challenges.

Direct download: 2016-02-21.mp3
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What does it look like to truly love people? Listen and find out how losing and loving work together.

Direct download: 2016-02-14.mp3
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Every man and woman of God finds the only constant in life is change. And that may not be a bad thing...

Direct download: 2016-02-07.mp3
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Where do you fit in with the community of believers?  Do you even have a community of believers that you spend time growing together with?

Direct download: 2016-01-31.mp3
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Today Nathan lays out a brief look at where the future of CityCom is going.

Direct download: 2016-01-24.mp3
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What are your strengths that can be best used for God's glory? The church flourishes when people are allowed to move (and serve) in their personal strengths.

Direct download: 2016-01-17.mp3
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Restarting sometimes is not enough and you need to "install" a new operating system in your life.

Direct download: 2016-01-10.mp3
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Don't start off the new year by just rearranging what didn't work last year.  Restart new.

Direct download: 2016-01-03.mp3
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Today Nathan wraps up the Advent season by asking "Where's Your Love?"

Direct download: 2015-12-20.mp3
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The focus for the third week of Advent is Joy.  Today Nathan asks the question "Where is your Joy"?

Direct download: 2015-12-13.mp3
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The focus for the second week of Advent is Peace.  Today Nathan asks the question "Where is your Peace"?

Direct download: 2015-12-06.mp3
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The focus for the first week of Advent is Hope.  Today Nathan asks the question "Where is your hope? Is it in temporary things that fade away or is your hope in Jesus?"

Direct download: 2015-11-29.mp3
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Today Nathan talks about moving into the Terra Incognita, the unknown land, and the faith that is required to move into the unknown.

Direct download: 2015-11-22.mp3
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Today Jake reminds us to enjoy the beauty of the present - and to not miss it or become disappointed when our obsessive planning for the future doesn't turn out exactly as we planned.

Direct download: 2015-11-15.mp3
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Confession within a community of believers can be both scary and extremely beneficial.

Direct download: 2015-11-01.mp3
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When I am faith-less, He is faith-ful. What is your confession because you will live based on that.

Direct download: 2015-10-25.mp3
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Living a life closer to the Word and closer to Christ is like having autocorrect turned on for our thoughts and actions. The further away we get from Him, the more we tend to spiral to needlessly dramatic and worrisome existence.

Direct download: 2015-10-11.mp3
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If you plant your life in the ground, allow it to be buried and die and resurrected again to follow in Jesus, what kind of opportunities will it provide?

Direct download: 2015-10-04.mp3
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What would it look like, if this week you shared with someone in your community here at City Community Church an "uncropped" view of your life; unfiltered, in full perspective?

Direct download: 2015-09-27.mp3
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This Kingdom of God thing depends on us listening to the Word, accepting what we've heard, and then acting on it.  When will you jump into action?  When will you start actively listening?

Direct download: 2015-09-20.mp3
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Listen:  We need to be open to listening but also willing to apply it to the surrounding community.
Lean:  Be willing to sustainably grow our relationships within our community.
Live:  What are you doing to live creatively and affect change within your community?

Direct download: 2015-09-13.mp3
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There are times in our life where we find out that the path we have chosen is not the right one and we have to make a U-Turn to get going in the right direction.

Direct download: 2015-09-06.mp3
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True lasting change starts with an inward decision that will manifest itself with outward actions.

Direct download: 2015-08-30.mp3
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Today Lyndon asks the uncomfortable question "Do we believe what we read in the Bible? And if we do, how is our life different from those that don't believe."

Direct download: 2015-08-23.mp3
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A healthy fear of God will lead to action while an unhealthy fear will lead to paralysis.

Direct download: 2015-08-16.mp3
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Many times we as Christians are content to play it safe and just coast through life but is that what God really wants us to do?

Direct download: 2015-08-09.mp3
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Does your familiarity with God lead to a deeper more fuller relationship with Him?

Direct download: 2015-08-02.mp3
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Are you yielded to the plans and purposes of God, or do you just think you are? What are you yielding? What does it look like to live a life surrendered to God?

Direct download: 2015-07-26.mp3
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What will you do with your life in a time of God's discipline? What is God's will isn't always necessarily smooth sailing and can seem like punishment, but he's really just being a responsible parent.

Direct download: 2015-07-19.mp3
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Today Nathan continues in the "I Am Jonah" series and asks the question, "What's it going to look like for you to be unnormally normal?"

Direct download: 2015-07-12.mp3
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Today Dr. Mike Elmore shares from Genesis and Exodus on how God is constantly pursuing a relationship with us.

Direct download: 2015-06-28.mp3
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Today Nathan continues the series on Jonah and makes the statement "Don't sleep like Jonah".

Direct download: 2015-06-21.mp3
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Today Nathan continues to look at Jonah by asking the question:  Are we misunderstanding or disunderstanding what God is trying so clearly to communicate to us for our lives.

Direct download: 2015-06-14.mp3
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Today Lyndon continues the I Am Jonah series by calling attention to our occassional reluctance to serve. In comparison, God didn't give up on a flawed Jonah to carry out His mission.

Direct download: 2015-06-07.mp3
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What would it look like to, in your own life, obey what you already know and have some sacrifice in your life for the kingdom of God?

Direct download: 2015-05-24.mp3
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Today Nathan talks about how living a life in Christ opens up our lives to others and how generosity will follow naturally.

Direct download: 2015-05-31.mp3
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Today we welcome Elisa Suarez with DCS in to share on foster parenting and what is necessary to get started in the foster system.

Direct download: 2015-05-17.mp3
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Today Jake talks about the need for fostering and shares his own personal story on how fostering has changed his life.

Direct download: 2015-05-10.mp3
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Today Nathan looks at how we as a body can assist with the work against the unraveling of families in our community.

Direct download: 2015-05-03.mp3
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Today Nathan compares growing in Christ to climbing and asks the question, "Who is your climbing companion?"

Direct download: 2015-04-19.mp3
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Lonely and illiterate are a lethal combination.

Direct download: 2015-04-12.mp3
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Today Nathan beautifully illustrates the ressurection of Christ and the individuals who surrounded those moments.

Direct download: 2015-04-05.mp3
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Do you have your welcome mat out for Jesus as simply an outward show or do you actually invite Him to have full control?

Direct download: 2015-03-29.mp3
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Today is a departure from the'll just have to listen to find out more...

Direct download: 2015-03-22.mp3
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If you are always doing the work, you don't allow God to be God... REST! Today Nathan talks about City Com's recent trip to Guatemala and honoring the Sabbath.

Direct download: 2015-03-15.mp3
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Today the story of Jonah continues with Jake looking at how we respond to our enemies.

Direct download: 2015-03-08.mp3
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Who is setting the tempo in your life?  Is it God?  Is it you?  Unless God is in your labor, it is in vain.

Direct download: 2015-02-22.mp3
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Getting out of financial debt can free you to pursue godliness, righteousness, faith, love, ... What do you need to fall OUT of love with to do this, and what is your plan to do it?

Direct download: 2014-02-15.mp3
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Today we begin a new series on Jonah with Nathan asking the question "In what ways have we turned our backs on God?"

Direct download: 2015-02-08.mp3
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Today Nathan takes a look at past and present Super Bowl ads with the question being "Why do the commercials appeal to us?"  Is it because we want what the ads show or are our desires in life led more by God's plan for us?

Direct download: 2015-02-01.mp3
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Today Nathan draws the comparison between the depth of our relationship with God to a swimming pool. Some people go deep while others are content to sit on the side watching.  The question is where are you at and what do you need to do to go deeper?

Direct download: 2015-01-25.mp3
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What does it look like for City Community Church to be involved in real change for the city of Indianapolis?

Direct download: 2015-01-18.mp3
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Are you willing to only know Jesus with your head, or are you willing to go deeper and get to know Him intimately as well? What's going to lead you, keep you, and talk with you this year?

Direct download: 2015-01-11.mp3
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Today Nathan starts out 2015 by asking the question "What's your foundation"? With the fear of the Lord as the foundation, and the blood of Christ as the covering, you can build anything.

Direct download: 2015-01-04.mp3
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His love lives when love gives.

Direct download: 2014-12-21.mp3
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Today Trisha LaGrange shares on joy. True joy is a choice.

Direct download: 2014-12-14.mp3
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Today Jake explores hope as todays topic of the Advent Series.  Hope is the confidence we can have in Christ rather than just a wishful thinking.

Direct download: 2014-12-07.mp3
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Advent is a time of expectation and waiting.  What happens when you have to wait for something longer than you thought you would?  What's it like to be peaceful in the waiting?

Direct download: 2014-11-30.mp3
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What's the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving?  Is it just a turkey or is God the focus of your thankfulness?

Direct download: 2014-11-23.mp3
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Reframng your perspective can greatly impact your ability to give freely.

Direct download: 2014-11-16-Final.mp3
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When the culture around you starts to squeeze your circumstances, instead of redesigning your whole life to accomodate it, fix your focus on God and what He wants for your life.

Direct download: 2014-11-09.mp3
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Today we continue the Living Between The Lines Series.  Live freely, animated and motivated by God's Spirit.  Then you won't feed the compulsions of selfishness.

Direct download: 2014-11-02.mp3
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We take a break today from the series "Living Between The Lines".  Today Nathan talks about the importance of place and how much it impacts the future of CityCom.

Direct download: 2014-10-26.mp3
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In a world of "thinking outside the box" and "drawing outside the lines", are we mixing the holy and unholy, and is it fitting right in?

Direct download: 2014-10-19.mp3
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What areas of our lives are we living in gray areas and thinking that we're not doing that bad?  Over the next few weeks we will look at what it means to Live Between The Lines.

Direct download: 2014-10-12.mp3
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Direct download: 2014-10-05.mp3
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Today Nathan uses the picture of a child to describe how we need to approach God.

Direct download: 2014-09-28.mp3
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The service this morning is going to be different than what you're used to.

Direct download: 2014-09-21.mp3
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Real transformation begins with rebirth.  If your life honors the name of Jesus, He will honor you.

Direct download: 2014-09-14.mp3
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Learning to live a life in Christ can be similar to learning to live in a new culture - today Lyndon makes this analogy with his life experience.

Direct download: 2014-09-07.mp3
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Lost keys, lost people and the lost art of living in our neighborhoods. Found out how listening to God can't be something you just do in isolation.

Direct download: 2014-08-31.mp3
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Ever been stuck on an Italian mountain in a French van with a dead battery?  Well we have!  You're gonna need a manual...

Direct download: 2014-08-24.mp3
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Today Nathan relates reading the Bible to listening to music.  Do you study the artist as a whole or just pick the parts you like best?

Direct download: 2014-08-17.mp3
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Direct download: 2014-08-10.mp3
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Today Nathan talks about living generously.

Direct download: 2014-08-03.mp3
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Today Nathan talks about "Happy Hat". We need a community that we can be real with to move forward together.

Direct download: 2014-07-27.mp3
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