Where do you fit in with the community of believers?  Do you even have a community of believers that you spend time growing together with?

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Today Nathan lays out a brief look at where the future of CityCom is going.

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What are your strengths that can be best used for God's glory? The church flourishes when people are allowed to move (and serve) in their personal strengths.

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Restarting sometimes is not enough and you need to "install" a new operating system in your life.

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Don't start off the new year by just rearranging what didn't work last year.  Restart new.

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Today Nathan wraps up the Advent season by asking "Where's Your Love?"

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The focus for the third week of Advent is Joy.  Today Nathan asks the question "Where is your Joy"?

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The focus for the second week of Advent is Peace.  Today Nathan asks the question "Where is your Peace"?

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The focus for the first week of Advent is Hope.  Today Nathan asks the question "Where is your hope? Is it in temporary things that fade away or is your hope in Jesus?"

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Today Nathan talks about moving into the Terra Incognita, the unknown land, and the faith that is required to move into the unknown.

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